Hubble CMS

  • Responsive Design
  • Manage Media, Playlists, Layers and Channels
  • Automated scheduling of content
  • Retrieve Real Time Data and Reports
  • Quick and Easy To Use Estate Search
  • Historical Data Reports
  • Drag and Drop User Interface
  • Content Summaries
  • Available as:
    • Cloud Version
    • Dedicated Server
  • Powered by UHDPro API

Layer Editor

  • Create Layers to go on Top of Your Content
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait Layers
  • Preview Functionality
  • Revert to a Previous Revision
  • Share Layers With Other Users
  • Drag and Drop User Interface
  • Create Your Own Widgets
  • Choose From Existing Widgets:
    • HTML Widget
    • Twitter Feeds
    • Clock
    • Ribbon
    • Images
    • Text
    • Custom Code
  • Powered by UHDPro API

UHDPro Server

  • Responsive Design
  • Access From Anywhere On Any Device
  • Manage All Devices Remotely
  • Retrieve Real Time Data
  • Manage Content For Each Device
  • Take Screen Snapshots
  • Manage APKs
  • Push Through Notifications
  • Integrate With Any Device via open API
  • Available as:
    • Cloud Version
    • Dedicated Server
  • Powered by UHDPro API

UHDPro Player


CPU Rockchip RK3288 Quadcore 1.8Ghz
RAM 16GB (upgradeable)
Dimensions 145mm x 103mm x 37mm
Ports Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
HDMI 2.0
3xUSB 2.0
Optical audio out
3.5mm audio out (headphones)
IR Extender port
Optional Wifi (USB dongle)
Bluetooth (USB dongle)
Remote 31 button remote (including 5 buttons for TV control)


OS Android 4.4.2
UHDPro App Version 1.4.2 or later
Video Supports H.265 4K@30fps

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